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Want to try the local technique? Buy a bag of "Sardines" for a couple of dollars. Come back to Colinda Cabanas and ask one of our staff to set you up with a hand line to give it a whirl! But be sure your bills are crisp, clean and are not torn. Businesses and banks will not accept a bill that has even a tiny tear or mark.

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Items in stores always include the sales tax and g. As a general rule those grocery stores located along Front Street which cater mostly to tourists can be quite a bit more expensive than those on Middle Street which cater mostly to locals. Canned Goods and all Imported Items tend to be very expensive in Belize. Coffee Cream is usually not available on Caye Caulker. But you can often find fresh milk. However fresh milk is crazy expensive and almost always goes sour long before the expiry date.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are usually readily available on Caye Caulker. If you are on a budget and you happen to be arriving in Belize City by bus, you will arrive at what is known as "Novelos Bus Terminal".

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Right beside the terminal is a large market called "Michael Finnigans" selling fresh fruit and vegetables. Saturday is a best day for buying fresh fruit and vegetables on Caye Caulker as the barge arrives on Fridays.

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Beef is not that great in Belize. There are many street vendors selling tacos on the streets in the morning on Caye Caulker. These tacos are either corn or flour and filled with a mixture of stewed chicken, vegetables and onions and hot sauce if you like. These tacos cost 50 cents Belize for Corn and one dollar for flour. Grab 3 or 4 and you are good to go! Bottles of wine are very expensive in Belize and usually not that great. If you like to imbibe, be sure to bring a few bottles from your home country or pick up a few bottles from the airports duty free shop.

Or if you are traveling to Belize via Mexico or Guatemala; you can usually pick up some good reasonably priced bottles from stores like "Mega" or "Sam's Club: These are like a fried dough stuffed with whatever you want like chicken, beans, cheese, eggs etc etc. On Saturdays on Caye Caulker many individuals set up bar-b-ques.

One of our favorites is Alma's chicken and ribs who sets up just down from China town grocery store on Middle Street. There are about 70 restaurants on Caye Caulker. As a general rule those run by Belizean's are usually far less expensive than those run by foreigners. However again as a general rule the service in Gringo run places is usually far superior. Chef Juan's Kitchen which is located near a couple of hostels has excellent desserts such as Cherry Cheesecake and Caye Lime Pie at a fair price!

There are 2 water taxi operations serving Caye Caulker from Belize City. One is called "Belize Express" and the other is called "Ocean Ferry". Taxi drivers will usually opt to take tourists to Belize Express because it has more runs and it also has the latest departure from the city. There are 2 airlines serving Caye Caulker. Maya Island is usually a few dollars less expensive. But sometimes Tropic Air runs seasonal specials.

Coming from or going to Chetumal Mexico? There are 2 different water taxis which run on alternate days of the week. Be sure to book your ticket with the correct company on your departure date. There are several professional "touts" on the island that collect money for "Kids Sports Clubs" and other nice warm and fuzzy sounding charities. Several other "touts" will pitch snorkel or fishing tours at "unbelievable prices" and ask for advance reservation deposits. If you do want to help the local community; there are several excellent ways to help. Here are a couple of suggestions: Another amazing organization always in need of funding is the Caye Caulker Humane Society……..

Taking a local bus somewhere in Belize? If it is a 72 passenger bus and you are 73 - you get kicked off the bus. If you are a couple, one person stands in line and quickly gets on the bus and grabs 2 seats, while the other person goes to the back of the bus and loads the luggage. Once underway the drivers assistant will make his way down the aisle and collects the fare. If you arrive on Caye Caulker with no reservation, there are dozens of small family run hotels and places to stay that are not listed anywhere on-line.

You can almost always except for New Years Eve and Easter weekend find a suitable place to stay. There are local "Touts" that meet the incoming boats and ask the disembarking passengers if they need a room. These touts will usually take tourists to the closest place that offers the tout the biggest commission. These touts are very good at what they do and will say or do anything to make money. The operator of the accommodation will also quote the tourist a higher price because he has to pay the "tout" a commission.

Do not follow the tout or allow the tout to follow you. On the other hand, if it is late, you are tired, and just want to get a room; these touts can provide an invaluable service… …"Caveat Emptor". Sometimes at dawn and at dusk; and especially on dead-calm days with no wind, sand flies can be a problem on the Caye's. Who invited the sand flies to our party?

If you think you might be a "Bug Magnet" bring some "skin so soft" from home as it is not available in Belize. Marijuana is readily available on Caye Caulker. You may see locals smoking it and may even be offered some for sale. If the police catch you with some significant amount of weed you may suddenly find yourself in jail…. Watch for a flock of Frigate birds circling a near or faraway pier. This will mean a fisherman is cleaning his catch and may have some for sale. Another good place to buy fish is beside the fisherman's co-op at the back of the island beside the beer distributor.

The fishing boats usually come in around 3: There are over species of birds that live permanently on Caye Caulker or migrate here during North Americas harsh winter months. Just South of Colinda Cabanas is a large Ospreys nest on a hydro pole beside the airport that offers some excellent viewing and photo opportunities.

Beyond the airport is a littoral forest trail which circumnavigates the island. Often there are schools of fish under Colinda Cabanas pier which attract Ospreys and Pelicans.

Watching the Pelicans dive into the water can be very entertaining! Did you know that after a Osprey catches a fish they will maneuver and turn the fish around so that the Fish faces forward when the Osprey is flying through the air. After a few days of exploring the sights and the sounds of Caye Caulker many of our guests choose to take a reasonably priced water taxi to the mainland and do one or several of the interesting activities available as day trips.

The following is a list of just a few of the most popular activities….. The original site covers an area of about 5 square miles, but the excavated and restored part of the site is only about a mile square. This makes it a relatively easy site to visit for all age groups and different physical abilities. After traveling an hour from Caye Caulker to Belize City via water taxi, your prearranged land guide will pick you up at the terminal and drive almost 2 hours to just outside the city of Orange Walk.

From there you will be taken by boat up the New River for about an hour until you get to the site. Along the way you will often see crocodiles and various birds as well as some of the indigenous population. After disembarking at the site, your guide will usually break out a picnic lunch and then take you on a guided tour of this amazing ancient Mayan City. Then its back in the boat for some more crocodile hunting on your way back down stream.

Your land guide will be waiting at the boat dock, and will whisk you back to the water taxi station and then back to Caye Caulker. This tour will take up most of the day and cannot be combined with any other tours. It is a unique conservation effort bringing together 8 villages to protect the population and habitat of Belize's Black Howler Monkey.

The sanctuary consists of about 20 square miles along the Belize River.

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After disembarking from the water taxi from Caye Caulker, your guide will start the tour with a drive and tour through Belize City. Then up the northern highway to the? You will then travel to the village of Bermudan Landing along the narrow "Boom road and can often spot the monkeys in the trees along the way. After arriving at the final destination, a local guide will accompany you on some trails where you can view the monkeys in the trees in their natural habitat.


This tour can easily be combined with another tour such as Altun Ha or the Belize Zoo. Upon your arrival in Belize City by water taxi from Caye Caulker, your prearranged guide will be waiting for you and will take you by vehicle to the Caves Branch Archeological Reserve which is located about an hour from Belize City. Most Cave Tubing Tours include transportation, life vests, tubes and head lamps, tour guide, national park fee, refreshments and lunch.

After reaching the Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve you will hike for about 30 minutes through the Belize Rain Forest and through a couple of dry caves until you come to the opening of the first cave through which the underground Caves Branch river flows. This is where the fun begins as you will begin floating down river through the caves. It's a short but amazing journey of about 45 minutes to an hour to drift slowly through 3 huge different caves. This tour can easily be combined with another tour such as zip lining which is also located at this site or the Belize Zoo.

The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center is a non-governmental, non-profit organization focused on wildlife conservation through wildlife rehabilitation and environmental education. It's setting is outdoors upon 29 acres of tropical savanna. It exhibits over animals which represent over 45 species which are all native to Belize. The zoo has an excellent trail system and is fully accessible to persons with disabilities. The zoo makes an excellent day tour and can be combined with one or sometimes two other tours.

Colinda Cabanas General Manager "Juan Choco" worked for several months at the Belize Zoo and can provide much practical and useful information about this tour. Be sure to ask Juan about the night the Jaguar almost had him for dinner! You are laying in a hammock listening to the birds in the trees and reading a book you found on a shelf in your cabana…… The warm tropical breeze is gently rustling the coconut leaves next to your porch……..

Somewhere in the distance you can hear the rhythmic beating of some drums…….. Some children are laughing as they cut-thru on their way back to school…….. A housekeeper is cleaning the cabana next to you……. You open your eyes………. It is getting dark………Momentarily confused……. Welcome to Colinda Cabanas! RandOM yoga is a donation-based yoga studio located on Caye Caulker. Classes are held on a nearby hotel rooftop which offers a panoramic view of Caye Caulker. You will enjoy amazing sunrise and sunset views, a great tropical breeze, and a amazing view of Caye Caulker village from one of the highest venues on the island.

Classes are are an island-paced Vinyasa flow, and are suitable for all levels of practice including beginners. Classes are taught by Jessie Wigh, a US-certified yoga instructor. Jessie has been teaching yoga in Belize for seven years, and co-operates Belize Yoga, a yoga retreat company, with her husband. You can also contact Jessie at or email: Telephone Number 1 We have 14 different units which are all located on a quiet sandy beach on the preferred East side. Each of our 14 cabanas offer different options and amenities depending on your needs and your budget!

Beach Front Upper Suite 1 Beach front upper suite 1 is located about 20 feet from the waters edge. We also offer complimentary bicycles and have 4 kayaks available on a first-come basis. Stand Alone Raised Budget Cabana 5 Cabana 5 has a nice sized covered porch with chairs, table and a hammock. We also have a night time watchman and provide a daily light housekeeping service.

We offer complimentary bicycles and have 4 kayaks available on a first-come basis. Fully Air Conditioned Cabana 13 Unit 13 is a fully air conditioned room in a 3 room triplex located about ' from the waters edge at the rear of our property. Beach Front Upper Suite 2 Beach front upper suite 2 is located about 50 feet from the waters edge.

Beach Front Lower Suite 3 Beach front lower suite 3 is located about 20 feet from the waters edge. This dance song probably derived from the Calinda dance which was reported to have been performed in New Orleans by Afro-Caribbean slaves brought to Louisiana. It's usually sung in French and then in English. Let's go dance Colinda Let's dance close Colinda While your mother isn't there To make the old ladies mad. It's not everyone who can dance All the old waltzes if the old times While your mother isn't there Let's go dance Colinda!

Our books feature songs in the original languages, with translations into English. Many include beautiful illustrations, commentary by ordinary people, and links to recordings, videos, and sheet music. Your purchase will help us keep our site online! Visit the Mama Lisa Book Store.

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Please contribute a traditional song or rhyme from your country. At Mama Lisa's World we believe sharing our cultures and traditions can help bring us togehter. Your purchase at our bookstore will help keep us online. Visit Our Book Store. A lagniappe is a small gift a merchant gives a customer… for example, you buy 12 doughnuts and they give you a 13th one free.

The word is pronounced "lanyap" and comes from Louisiana French. Mark Twain refers to it back in [ In this YouTube you can hear Mr. Treme tell a little story about a scarecrow in Cajun French. Much less known are the [ On his birthday, December 5th, he gave gifts to the children instead of receiving them. His companion Piet was a Moor. The Moors were prominent in [ Dunbar was an American poet, novelist and playwright. His parents had been slaves before the Civil War. He started writing as a child and had his first poems published at age Dunbar wrote in both standard English [ Dunbar is one of my [ You can hear the song in the video below at 2: Part of it seems to be in a different language.