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Finding himself misplaced in the 21st century, Robert Bruce Stewart has opted to retire to what he hopes will be a more congenial era for a person of his sensibilities by means of fiction writing. Meanwhile, his temporal self lives with his wife and cat in a small-town hermitage in western Massachusetts where he spends his idle hours tending to the needs of tadpoles and keeping his ill-mannered bamboo grove in check.

Are You an Author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biog. Showing 16 Results Books: Read this and over 1 million books with Kindle Unlimited. PS Bill Thompson is a regular Salt contributor. His newest novel, Chasing Jubal, a coming of age story in the s Blue Ridge, is available where books are sold. Sessions include time for consultation and dressing. Rates and services may vary by location. Camp Mackall, I could hear thunder boomers, or maybe troops practicing with their howitzers. Our weather had been unseasonably cool for a couple of days as a Canada cold front brought in lower humidity and temperatures.

I was backed up in the pines bordering a milo field, kicked back on the tailgate of the Bronco at the little farm in the southern part of the county that I lease for bird hunting. Linda, my bride, calls it my escape place. They were outlined in white from the sun but were an ominous grey, almost a black color deep in the interior. This is going to be some gale, I thought as I watched the clouds become wider and more pronounced.

Lightning was skittering across the top, adding a real threat to the storm. It was too late to head home, so I decided to ride it out away from the taller trees and moved the Bronco back in a stand of smaller pines. The whole southern sky was now a boiling grey mass of rolling clouds, moving north. I had just enough time to roll up the windows and close the back gate before big drops of rain splattered the little vehicle. It was almost simultaneously followed by thunder that seemed to rock the truck.

That was too close,. I thought, and I watched as a dark grey sheet of rain headed my way, shutting down visibility. From then on, it was a thunder and lightning show. As rain hammered the little Bronco, I thought back to a narrow escape I had several years ago. It was the early part of dove season, and I was hunting along a tobacco field where I noticed birds that were picking up sand grit for their craw. I parked the Bronco on a small hill overlooking the area and walked around the tree line to a wooded point anchored by a giant white oak.

The spot was bordered on both sides by tobacco and gave me a great view of both fields. Over the hills toward the north, I could hear the first ominous sounds of thunder, so I decided to skirt around the closest field to see if I could jump a few birds before calling it a day. A pond anchored the south side of the farm, and my plan was to make a circle around the field, starting at the pond, ultimately ending my walk back at the truck. A dirt road a little wider than a car bisected the two fields and I came out on the south end, about a mile from my vehicle.

Black clouds outlined the northern tree line, and I could see flashes of lightning and hear thunder as the storm headed my way. I decided to cancel the hunt and picked up my pace as I walked toward the Bronco. A few drops of rain hurried me along. Suddenly, a dove jumped up in the field on my left and I dropped it in the tobacco. Paddle, my little yellow Lab and long-time hunting companion, had died the winter before at the age of I missed her tremendously. She would have found the bird and had it back to me in no time, but now I had to be the retriever.

I angled in the field to look up and down the rows of head-high tobacco. I spotted the dove and hurried to it so I could hopefully beat the storm to the truck. I had just picked up the bird when I had the weirdest sensation. The Largest Selection of Granite in the Area! Now just up the street in Sanford. Worth the short drive. You need some help and that means care from people who have been making trusted companionship part of our legacy for over 60 years.

The best home care when you need it most. Instinctively, I knelt and laid my shotgun down as if I knew what was coming. The gun and I had just hit the ground when a deafening crash of lightning and thunder shook the field. For a second, I was stunned, and then I grabbed the gun and the bird and hustled to the truck in a downpour that drenched me as if I had jumped in the pond.

The next day I rode back out to the farm and found that the white oak tree on the point of land where I began the dove hunt was where the lightning hit. There was a strip down the tree about a foot wide where bark had been slashed in the lightning strike. The spot where I knelt down in the tobacco field was about 90 paces from the tree. Another run-in with lightning occurred when a good friend and I were paddling the Haw River right below the new dam that would eventually back up waters to form Jordan Lake. We had just portaged around the dam and were heading down river to where the Deep and the Haw rivers form the Cape Fear River.

Right beyond the dam, the banks of the Haw were steep from lake construction, and we were in a hurry to get where we could exit the river because a storm was coming. We were on the river in a Grumman aluminum canoe when thunder and lightning began in earnest. It was raining so hard we had to bail water every now and then.

Lightning was striking all around us and all we could do was hold on to the brush on the side of the bank and keep our fingers crossed. Mother Nature decided to let us make it through the storm and continue our trip. That was close call number two. In a bit, I drove out to one of the old barns on the farm to use the shed for a refuge.

I got a drink from the cooler and a pack of nabs and my dove stool and found a dry corner. It was comfortable under the barn overhang, and I watched as the grey clouds seemed to be getting lighter. Thunder grumbled to the north of the little farm as the storm moved and a steamy haze rose off the fields, promising a return to summer heat.

I decided to pack it in for the day. I put my stuff in the truck and fired her up. Technical infrastructure overhauled and updated to handle the massive demands for communicating the scores and developments in the competition. An undercurrent of excitement and energy crackling through the Village as the golf world turns its sights to the Sandhills. It was the PGA Championship. And from another dispatch: Of course, the top players and golf universe considered the annual playing of the North and South Amateur and Open Championships at Pinehurst the equal of any competition.

The North and South Open, populated mostly by the touring pros, gave Pinehurst and its singular mix of golf-centricity and ambience it had seven courses by the mids a distinct place in the minds of golfers everywhere. Banquet Facility With Seating From 1 to ! Come browse our selection! The Sahara-like greens are no more on No.

The sand has been replaced by grass as green as the foliage in the background. As distinctive as those sand greens were, golf on sand is not so pleasant as golf on grass. Ross took the first and ninth holes on that course and made them the fourth and fifth holes on No. Pinehurst management left no stone unturned in preparing for the event.

Ross and Maples laid thousands of pounds of rye grass seed over the fairways of No. The course opened for practice the week before the championship and was listed at 6, yards. A field of players convened for two rounds of stroke-play qualifying beginning Nov. Joining Revolta as favorites were reigning U. Hagen and Byron Nelson were casualties of the qualifying rounds. Falling aside in the first two rounds of match play were Revolta, Sarazen, Runyan and Armour. Open champion Billy Burke.

And he was rarely in trouble. Shute held a 2-up lead over Thomson through 33 holes of their finals match, and with Thomson. Thomson had to at least halve the hole to extend the match. When he blasted out and missed his putt for birdie, there was no point in playing any longer. Thomson conceded the putt to Shute for eagle. It was perhaps apropos that Shute won at Pinehurst. Thomson consistently outdrove him by 50 to 60 yards during their championship match, proving even in the early days that patience, course management and a deft touch around the greens are the important tools on Pinehurst No.

Hidden Booty

You forget all the worries of the day. And then your Spa treatment begins. Some I shoo away, but others will not let me rest till they finally shake me awake, and with pen scratching sleepily on the back of a store receipt, I quickly let them out. I want the lotion, the rubbing, the smoothing, the stroking, the pressing, the kneading fingers, the touch on my toes and feet and legs and hands and shoulders. Oh and I always get the neck massage, too, in addition to the deluxe manicure and the hot stone pedicure and the warm wax treatment on both feet and hands. The body has its own way of knowing, bone to bone, skin to skin.

I believe it comforted him when I touched him or turned him so that we lay curled together side to side like spoons in a drawer, flesh to flesh as in our long life together, two old high school teachers, married for 45 years. But I do miss his body, his flesh, the feel of him, the touching. So I come here. I come too often and I stay too long. But so does this other woman, also older, like myself, a blowsy, disheveled blonde who occupies the other pedicure chair in this secluded back alcove.

Today, she has already had her manicure; she waves her hands through the perfumed air, then holds them up to admire her perfect nails, tapered hot pink points, while her feet and ankles soak in the hot tub. This is a reversal of the standard routine. Usually the pedicure is first, then the manicure while the toenails are drying under the special light at one of the nail stations. I love that special light, so warm on my feet, I love the tiny fan on my fingernails.

I tip extravagantly when I leave. What a surprise, a real jolt! I have never talked to any other customer here in The Purple Orchid in this rundown strip mall out on the highway north of. Kim sweetie, could you come over here and jack up the heat for me, hon? She was beautiful once, I can see that, about 40 years and 40 pounds ago, in a beauty queen sort of way. But I was not a beauty queen or a cheerleader or a majorette. No, I was in the Beta Club, and the French club, and the band.

Hers is not the practiced smile of the professional beauty contestant, though, but an engaging, lopsided grin. I need to focus. Maybe this is true. Kim takes off the hot towel now and massages my feet, rubbing lotion between each toe, buffing that recalcitrant callus with a pumice stone, then trimming my toenails, first one foot, then the other. What does it matter? I mean, pass a kidney stone just because you want to? But I read in a magazine that citrus is real helpful. And this lemonade is pretty damn good, too. You want to try some? I take a big swallow. This stuff is wonderful. Any progress with that kidney stone?

Kerr Lake, Jordan Lake. You ought to come along with us! I drain my lemonade, trying to imagine this. So you can leave yours at home too. PS Lee Smith, who resides in Hillsborough, is the award-winning author of 13 novels and four short story collections and a beautiful memoir of growing up in rural Virginia called Dimestore, published in March of by Algonquin Books.

She is one of the brightest lights of American fiction, a true gift to the Old North State, and an old friend of this magazine. Remember when he got hooked on that massage oil that heats up with body temp? I got a rash, but of course, I have extremely sensitive skin and always have. I mean, I am Clinique all the way. I know that you go to Total Skin Care and get in the sunning beds. But, girl, like are you thick? I would know if my man had been out messing around. When the going gets tough I get the hell out, always have.

I know your mama died last January, and I have to tell you that I almost called you up to give my condolences. Was he feeling guilty when you all remodeled, or what? You and I both have excellent and. Maybe I can show you some time. Anyway, one of those nights when I heard you on the machine, you were crying so hard that I almost picked up, so strong was my urge to want to comfort you.

Big got home, I told him there was a message I felt he had to listen to right that minute, and of course, he did, but then did he call you? And did he call to check on your son, who he had dumped off at the Anderson house and them not even home from work yet?

He must do that to you a lot, too. I even suggested I excuse myself, go to the mall or something so he could have his privacy but he just waved again and shrugged, like, nayyhh. Well, that was the first time I stopped and asked myself just who in the hell was this man I was sharing my or your bed with? I looked at him in a completely different way after that. I mean, how could he hear you sobbing and carrying on like that and not rush to call you?

We all grow up and find out that the truth hurts. I did not sleep with him in your bed that night. I faked myself a migraine complete with blinding aura and made him drive me straight home. I moaned and groaned and talked of the bright lights I was seeing out of my right eye I told him the left had already shut out in complete blindness , and honey, he drove faster than the speed limit. It just sends them right up a tree. I have also faked menstrual cramps with Mr. Well, either way, I know how you sometimes ask him to crush up some Valium into some juice.

If I were you I might mix my own cocktails. But enough about that, I wanted to tell you about me. Get yourself a drink if you like, or a cigarette. I know you smoke. So come on out in the open and just smoke. I smoked for years and I absolutely loved it. But I quit years ago. I am actually one of those who quit because of Yul Brynner coming on television and saying that, when I saw him there doing that ad, then it meant he was dead. That was a moving experience. I was holding a cigarette in my hand and was seven months pregnant yes I have had a life, too , and I felt like Yul was looking directly into my eyes.

Talk about an aura. Big and make a joke about his baldness. I felt his soul reach out and grab me by the throat and say, Put out the butt. I went out on my back stoop, took one final drag a long, delicious drag , and then I thumped that butt clean across the darkened backyard where it twinkled and glowed for just a brief second before dying. Burnt, greased, and buzzing like a bee. You see, I have been thinking that we should get rid of Mr. It would be just like in that movie that came out a year or two ago, only I do not want to get into a lesbian entanglement with you.

Diet Coke is fine. Truth is you look a far sight better than how he painted you, and you look a damn lot better than that photo of you all in that church family book. I mean it made me sick to see Mr. Big Ass sitting there grinning like he was the best husband in the world when of course I knew the truth. Honey, there are facts and then there are facts, and the fact is that he is a loser with a capital L.

There was a woman from a couple of towns over who went on a tear and fed arsenic to practically everybody she knew. When they finally wised up to her, she had enough ant killer stashed in her pantry to wipe out this whole county. Middle-age crazy, I suspect. Maybe he wanted somebody younger and shapelier. If I had had my own little lamb, my life would have been very different. You keep thinking about it while I do my autobiography for you.

You see, I think that my first knowledge that I would live the life I do is when I was in the eighth grade and my foot jumped right into a size nine shoe. I maxed out at a size ten when I was a senior in high school. Sometimes I have to order a ten and a half I firmly believe that this is the result of the Asian influence in this country.

They are picking cotton and tobacco leaves, and when they get their tired hot bodies back to the shanties at the edge of the field, then here comes The Mister from the Big House. I know that might sound stupid to you, but the size of my feet made me both tough and subservient. I thought long ago that it could all turn around with me meeting the right person at the right time, but that has yet to happen.

You know when I first met Mr. Big, though, I thought it might be happening. Part of the reason I liked him so much that first time is because he talked a lot about you and your son, and he really did seem to care. I even asked him the first. I mean, you had a one-yearold. You were probably lucky to get a shower, am I right? Or you for that matter, other than Mr. I should have known to leave him alone right then. I should have said Kiss Off and disappeared. I used to get hopeful every now and then, but I got over it.

She is much younger than you are, honey. Over the knee boots, I mean, really. Everybody says I have awful taste in clothes, and I do much better than she does. I mean to tell you Mr. Big has hit bottom. Here he had us, two perfectly good-hearted, good-looking women, and he falls for that? If I were you, I might even take precautions against disease. She might be packaged to look clean, but that is one sordid thing. Check her out some time. So, I say we bump him off. Slip him the poison. Then you just go on about your business and I go on about mine and they might put Miss Blockbuster in the slammer.

I almost had a baby one time. The daddy was nowhere to be found. Well, here came a baby. Everybody kept telling me to get rid of it, but when have I ever done what anybody said to me? So I plodded along, planning. I had lots and lots of plans. No breath, no heartbeat. I looked at it and realized that. No life for me.

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  3. King of Hearts (Backstage Boys Book 1).
  4. Rocktage: Roman (German Edition).
  5. Un ciel plein détoiles (FICTION) (French Edition)?

Big is too low to be called a dog; that would be an insult to canines everywhere. He was never there for me, not that I ever expected it; but what if just once he had been? What if just once somebody had taken better care of me, taken me to a real doctor, gotten some help. I say we kill him. Oh, but I see doubt in your eyes. I see love, and for that I sure am sorry for you. You better lose that light, honey. Cut off his strength and watch him go blind and pull a building down on himself. Sap him while you can. Oh, my, stop crying.

You are not the woman I thought you were from that photo in the church book. You looked to me in that picture like a women who could enlist in a complicated plot, but you are a bundle of jumpy weepy nerves. You are a tattletale. Oh, yeah, I can see it all, now. The wife would get it easy. A woman under stress conned by the mistress. I may not have any children to worry over, but I have pride. I have the child I almost had and lots of times that keeps me in line. My son will be waiting for me. I had mood swings. But you have everything for real. You are hopeless woman.

Tell him he better shape his butt up or you are out of here, sister. Call me by name. Get him back if you want him, and make him behave. Pitch a blue blazing fit. Scream, curse, throw things. Let him have it, honey. Your husband is cheating on us. Let him have it. And when all is said and done, please just forget that I was ever here; that I ever walked the earth.

Who knows if I even exist. The author had a cool handlebar mustache. In fact, the author was a controversial Irishman and author, newspaper editor, short story writer and social gadfly who railed against censorship and puritanism in all forms. But it also brought down the ire of the U.

Robert Bruce Stewart

The book, I learned many years later, tainted the otherwise estimable career of Harris, who authored well-respected biographies of Shakespeare, Goethe and his close friend Oscar Wilde, among others. Needless to say, My Life and Loves was potential dynamite in the hands of an year-old Tenderfoot Scout and would surely have gotten me sent packing before the Friday Mile Swim had anyone known the revealing subject matter contained therein.

I remember telling friends it was just a boring book about Greek and Roman mythology. Today My Life and Loves is considered a classic of eroticism and historical reporting. I still own a copy. Banned in the United Kingdom until s. Portion of serialized version found obscene in the U. Denise Drum Baker taught visual arts for 34 years before retiring from Sandhills Community College three years ago. She can be contacted at artsnob live. Banned or challenged in some schools for profanity, lurid passages. He is sometimes mistaken for an oddly dressed mannequin when sitting next to the picture window in his most frequently patronized coffee shop.

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His favorite thing to do is take a walk while listening to a good audiobook. He can be contacted at romeypetite gmail. Banned in the Eastern Bloc until the end of the Communist Era in Won a Retrospective Hugo Award in She is a writer and illustrator who moonlights as a librarian at the Southern Pines Public Library. Book was completed in two nine-day sessions on a typewriter rented for 10 cents per half hour. Banned in some schools for vulgarity, obscenity and, in one instance, a description of the burning of The Bible.

Henry and Business North Carolina, among many others. His hobby is music photography. In an effort to reboot his game in retirement, Griffin booked a lesson with Joy Bonhurst at Clubgolf Performance in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D. In their get-to-knowyou conversation, Bonhurst asked Griffin where he learned to play. Griffin explained that his aunt taught him the game when he was very young.

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When Griffin stopped at the desk to pay for his lesson, Bonhurst spoke up. She tossed in a pair of strokes along the way. After the first one she gave up smoking her Raleigh cigarettes. After the second one she taught herself Spanish. The first-ever recipient in was another member of golf royalty, her close friend Peggy Kirk Bell. Together they brainstormed the Golfari name and concept that became a year plus staple at Pine Needles Lodge and Country Club.

Ten years before that she and Betty Hicks, co-authored the Golf Manual for Teachers, an indispensible tool of its time for college golf instructors. The time was ripe for something, just not the WPGA. It lacked three things: She was a teacher, pure and simple. And therein lies the magic. Her book Golf Manual for Teachers was the industry standard To say that Ellen Griffin was incorrigibly optimistic would be like saying a golf ball was determinedly round. It was simply one of her properties, like the sleight of hand tricks she pulled on kids of all ages.

She not only loved teaching players, she loved teaching teachers of players. She just had an incredible ability to make the game really simple. She had that knack of making you feel good. Her method was Socratic. She was always asking questions so she made a real pest of herself. She never left you alone.

Fable Anniversary - How To Get The Frying Pan

He died in at the age of Her mother, Helen, was a niece of J. He retired with the rank of colonel after 39 years in the U. He saw his 7-month-old daughter for the first time when he returned from France at the end of World War I. That daughter found him behind his trailer in Level Cross, North Carolina, where he suffered a heart attack while shooting mistletoe out of a tree and died at the age of Her brother Charles, whom everyone called June, was pressed into service as a caddie.

He taught me to caddie when I was 9.

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She entered in , graduated in and taught physical education at the university straight through to , with the exception of her brief stint at the National Golf Foundation. The edges of the pages crumble and crack like an Indiana Jones map. Nearly everything, one assumes, was worth saving. A ticket stub from a Nelson Eddy concert in Take a cool or cold bath every day; avoid extremely hot baths, as they are weakening. Her first semester freshman grades. No one item appears any more important than any other. Ellen drove him to school every day. They played golf every Sunday. There was a lot to learn besides golf.

She had the first color TV. Her system of creativity started at 5 a. She made two poached eggs and coffee. She had a tray that would roll across the bed like a desk, and she would eat her breakfast and for those two hours think and write and plan. It was a quiet time when nobody could bother her, and it happened every single day of her life that I knew her. Griffin kept her money in an old metal cash box. The driving range is still mowed. There are flags in faux greens for targets.

Some persimmon and apple trees remain. The pine trees that Ellen planted along two sides of the range are large enough now to aspire to being described as towering. Gone are the peacock, Mann, and the peahen, Carol, that once perched on the railing of the outbuilding Ellen called the Tee House. The guinea hens and the mockingbird have disappeared. The poodles no longer curl up in the sun.

The cement duck pond is dry. The visitors now are woodchucks and deer. It was science and nature and philosophy, psychology and mathematics that absolutely enveloped her life and golf was part of that. You took your life in your hands every time you played there. Ellen would get a package of cheese crackers and a chocolate milk, just like her Georgia days.

Massey had been a ski instructor. And she knew that I loved mathematics. For my alignment routine she used angles and lines that I could see in the ground. In fact, it was X-Raided who wrote the song "Deadly Game" for C-BO, a song that later landed C-BO back in jail and caused a national controversy -- drawing attention and outrage amongst freedom of speech advocates while simultaneously only further fu eling C-BO's notorious reputation amongst hardcore rap fans.

See movies the way they're meant to be seen - on the big screen and with an audience! Running Two Nights Only! February 28 Road House Dalton lives like a loner, fights like a professional. And loves like there's no tomorrow. Now it gets dirty. One of my favorite bands from the 60s has to be Love.

Their music is so unexpected and so unconventional, both lyrically and sonically. Lee was truly one of a kind. I've just watched the recent documentary about Love, Love Story. Lee formed the band under various names in Los Angeles in the early 60s. Love was one of the first rock bands to sign to Jac Holzman 's Elektra Records and it was not to be a simple relationship between the band and their label.

The band members spend a great deal of time in Love Story accusing Holzman of not promoting their work enough. Holzman counters this by pointing out Lee's aversion to touring outside of California. Regardless, the band made three brilliant albums within a span of a year and a half! Killer of Sheep Posted by Amoebite , February 17, Yes, the s included a cultural revolution toward racial freedom, but history often assures us that problems are far more complex than just a cry for racial freedom. Every community has its individual fight, and here we follow Stan, frustrated with the monotony of working at a slaughter house, and we see how it affects his life at home.

It is notable how personal the film feels. The result is a natural, humanistic style. It takes a lot of courage for a director to let a story work inside out, and that's where the simplicity lies. Emotion is often wallpaper when complicated plots involve twists and turns. Instead, here, we are embraced in moments within relationships, moments of hardship, moments of tenderness, and moments of family togetherness.

Our generation is fortunate to witness this DVD release of the film — the film never saw its release until 30 years after its completion due to music rights not being secured. Afternoon light was pouring in my window and I was in a hypnogogic state, somewhere between waking and dreaming. My mind was occupied with the vision of long and dark brown hands holding what looked to be a piece of blue glass. The agile hands turned the glass over and over again, and with each turning, facets appeared, polished and refracting light.

The glass was becoming more and more ornate and I remember thinking that it was "perfecting. Tapscott was working a theme on the piano, turning it over and over, and every time it came around, there was more beauty in it. And every time it came around, there was less of anything superfluous. The theme, under his long, dark fingers, was "perfecting.

Featuring Tapscott on piano, John Carter on clarinet, Cecil McBee on contrabass and Andrew Cyrille on drums, it is a fleeting glimpse into not only a rare recording by this astounding group, but a rare small group recording for Tapscott, altogether. Who's black and whose black? Posted by Eric Brightwell , February 17, Who exactly is black and who is not? And how is it decided? Does the individual or society determine what we are or is it a combination of both? Are there other factors?

Is this the Family Feud or actual objective science? I'm pretty clear that we shouldn't do it. We don't need the money. But I get such pressure from one particular bandmate the one who wears glasses and plays keyboards. Lux Interior, lead singer of The Cramps, passed away this morning due to an existing heart condition at Glendale Memorial Hospital in Glendale, California at 4: Lux has been an inspiration and influence to millions of artists and fans around the world.

Their distinct take on rockabilly and surf along with their midnight movie imagery reminded us all just how exciting, dangerous, vital and sexy rock and roll should be and has spawned entire subcultures. Lux was a fearless frontman who transformed every stage he stepped on into a place of passion, abandon, and true freedom. He is a rare icon who will be missed dearly. They were always dressed to the hilt in white pancake make-up and black leather, even in the hottest days. They were the niceset people. Still, they managed to scare the girls I worked with with all that make-up. Here is one of my favorite clips of the band, performing "Tear It Up" from the movie Urgh!

They were so ahead of their time by looking to the past. Even five short years ago, many clubbers, ravers and dance music fans would be hard pressed to recognize the names Ron Hardy or Larry Levan above, R-L , let alone acknowledge African American influence on the music they get freaky to on the weekends. Even in the black community, whole generations seem completely oblivious to this part of their musical heritage. Nightclubs where the music was allowed to evolve, like Levan's Paradise Garage right in New York, Hardy's Music Box and Frankie Knuckles ' Warehouse in Chicago the latter being where the name House Music was coined and Detroit's Music Institute remain legendary not because of the venues themselves or the people who owned them, but due to the DJ's who made those places immortal by performing an aural alchemy that transformed the American soundscape.

It was when gangsta rap, with Dr. Dre and The Chronic leading the way, was fast becoming the prevalant hip-hop flavor, remaining so ever since. But none of that bothered the ever-outspoken, individually minded Raymond "Boots" Riley one bit, not then nor in the 16 years since. Boots as both an artist and acitvist has remained a refreshingly consistent voice of rebelliion; one constantly questioning authority, in particular the capitalist system of the country in which he lives.

Riley was in LA in the studio sitting in on the finishing stages of mixing an album for a forthcoming release of an exciting-s ounding side project by The Coup frontman, which is detailed further in the conversation that follows. So what is this new album side-project you are finishing up right now? The Black Eliminator Posted by phil blankenship , February 1, The main indigenous population of this Sahelian region were the Yonyonse , who remained for thousands of years until they were displaced by the Mossi people of what is now Ghana only a thousand years ago.

The Mossi established several kingdoms; the first, Tenkodogo , was founded in and ruled by Naaba. The Dogon , who'd inhabited areas in the north, left between the 15th and 16h centuries. Two more Mossi Kingdoms followed and dominated the area for about years until when France invaded and established a colonial occupation.

Upper Volta, as it was then known, gained independence from the French in As is the case with most post-Colonial countries, the years since have been dominated by dictatorships, wars and coups. Yet despite being plagued by poverty, unemployment and strife, Burkina Faso inarguably has one of West Africa 's most vibrant cultures. Literature, primarily transmitted orally until collected in the s, has long been a central part of Burkina Faso's culture. With over 60 ethnic groups, no one sort of music has yet dominated Burkina Faso's musical scene, although American and European pop are the most popular.

Since , Burkina Faso has been one of, if not the, dominant powers in Africa's film industry. He is just as much Cole Porter as he is James Brown. Like Bob Dylan also from MN , he balances spirituality and humanity with heartache and yearning. He is part spiritual leader, religious zealot, sensualist and priest of carnality. His work is visceral yet calculated, both frank and overt.

This is all anchored by his genius for laying out a great tune. I mean, who caught the first time that "Raspberry Beret" was a tale of a person losing his virginity? With attention to detail draped in poetry and the abstract, the lyrics sound idiosyncratic and real as anything Joni Mitchell ever wrote. But songs like "Darling Nikki" expose a rawness and sexiness balanced in a tale about the love and loss found in a one night stand. So what is he about? What does it all mean?

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  • Prince's music, story and career are so singular that many have tried to trace where this all comes from. The Minnesota link was a start; maybe it's his mixed African-American heritage. But Prince has continued time and time again to break the mold of pop constraints, social uptight-ness, cold war hysteria, bible reading, and corporate rock greed. And through all of Prince's moods, phases, flings, mysteries and crusades, he has gotten us to wonder, follow and believe with one thing-- our own body.

    So where it "all comes from" is beyond us all, but where it goes is rapidly obvious -- we feel it in our bodies. There is no doubt he has moved us. The story is taken from a nonfiction book on Bud Powell 's life in Paris called Dance of the Infidels. In the 50s and 60s, many Americans took off to Europe.

    Many African Americans had extended stays because they were treated with more respect than they had been here in the USA. He would also visit the states every once in a while to record. Gordon finally returned to USA for good in , and continued to record on a regular basis. One of the standout later recordings was made here in North Beach at the sadly long gone Keystone Corner.

    There's a jazz mural there now. Mosaic Records put out a budget priced three disc set of all the recorded material from that residency-- well worth a listen. Emporer Jones Posted by Amoebite , February 1, An All-American collegiate athlete and attorney, he became a star of the dramatic and musical stage, an international concert luminary, recording artist, and the first black leading man on film.

    State Department lifted his passport for nearly a decade, until the Supreme Court overturned its action in Only near the end of his life did his singular achievements begin to be recognized without the taint of racial or political prejudice. He portrayed Brutus Jones, a Pullman porter turned murderer who becomes the despotic ruler of a Caribbean island. Today, The Emperor Jones looks antique, and its liberal use of the n-word and broad racial stereotyping will make contemporary viewers cringe.

    His great stature, booming voice, theatrical bravado, and magnetic presence amply demonstrate why he bestrode the theatrical and musical worlds like a colossus. I was overwhelmed by his voice and energy during his famous performance there, including and especially a song he cowrote called "I've Been Loving You Too Long.

    I had never been able to find it anywhere else. Not many people in his day were writing their own songs. Otis' career gained momentum throughout the 60s due to his incessant touring and massive talent for entertaining and moving crowds. Posted by Whitmore , February 28, James Presley Ball was one of the most successful and famous African-American daguerreotypists of the19th century.

    Born in in Virginia, Ball opened his first photography studio at the age of twenty in Cincinnati , Ohio , just a few years after the invention of the daguerreotype. By he took to the road again, this time as a traveling daguerreotypist, eventually returning to Cincinnati. In Ball published an abolitionist pamphlet depicting the horrors of slavery; accompanying his publication was an exhibition of his daguerreotypes on the subject of slavery, which he exhibited several times in the pre-Civil War years.

    After living some three decades in Ohio, he moved to Minneapolis, opening a daguerreotype studio there with his son. In Ball moved to Helena, Montana. That same year he was selected as the official photographer for a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. While living in Montana he was also elected a delegate to the Republican convention for the Montana territory in In his years in Montana he produced hundreds of incredible photographs depicting life in the White, Black and Chinese communities. In poor health, James Presley Ball moved once again, this time to Honolulu, Hawaii, where he died in Alela Diane's To Be Still.

    Posted by Miss Ess , February 28, If you live in a hectic big city like me, you probably need a bit of respite now and again, but maybe can't afford the time and dough needed to get somewhere as far-flung as you'd like. If this is your lot in life, and you just need a little escape, I can't recommend Alela Diane' s new record To Be Still enough. Jon Ginoli of Pansy Division Chats.

    Jon Ginoli is the beloved founder and lead singer of the revolutionary gay rock band Pansy Division. He has recently completed a book about his experience, Deflowered: My Life in Pansy Division , which is available now! To celebrate, Jon will be embarking on a book tour, crossing America and hitting everywhere in between!

    Check out the dates here. There will be a veritable blitz of Pansy Division in the coming months! Life in a Gay Rock Band. Information about screenings of the film can be found here. Following the book tour, Pansy Division will be touring as well! Dates will be up soon on their official website. Read on to learn more about Jon's fabled career, PD's future plans and what to expect from his book tour dates. For a past interview Jon and I did click here.

    The daguerreotype was the precursor to the modern photography process; an image is exposed directly onto a highly polished silver metal plate, its surface coated with silver halide particles deposited by iodine vapor-- a later advancement was the use of bromine and chlorine vapors to shorten the exposure time. The daguerreotype produced a negative image, but the mirrored surface of the plate reflects the captured image, making it appear positive once light is exposed to the photograph. Early experimenters had tinkered with the idea of photography for over a hundred years, but it was Louis Daguerre who finally perfected the technique in about He originally moved to New Orleans from France in where he was a lithographer and portrait painter -- at the Exposition of Paris of he was the youngest lithographer to be awarded an honorable mention.

    Upon his return Lion exhibited his first daguerreotypes in New Orleans in ; unfortunately only a couple of them have survived. By in New Orleans, he was lecturing on photography, co-founded an art school and was running a successful studio. Not much more is known of Jules Lion, except the occasional newspaper announcement and city records listing him as a professor of drawing at the College of Louisiana from to In his later years he returned to painting portraitures. Throughout his career he continued teaching and occasionally returning to Paris to exhibit his lithographs and daguerreotypes until his death in New Orleans in Chadwick , February 28, Posted by Billyjam , February 28, Andy Lau frees Chow Yun-Fat.

    Posted by Eric Brightwell , February 27, With Trapjaw rusted, he can't even move or call for help! To the Talon Fighter! Andy Lau , whilst less well known in America at large, has an enormous following both among film fans, especially well known for his work with Johnny To , and his career as a Cantopop star. Throughout both of their careers, Chow and Lau have appeared in several films and a television program:. How did Lau and Woo find themselves on Eternia? Who painted this amazing picture?

    You win this time but I'll be back! Meh heh ha ha hanh! Chadwick , February 27, Come down to the former Lowenbrou Keller , it's an absolutely beautiful venue Medusa Lounge Beverly Blvd. Posted by Billyjam , February 27, Posted by Whitmore , February 26, But the best, most explosive, and daringly innovative were the Nicholas Brothers, Fayard — and Harold — With their highly acrobatic "flash dancing" tap style and spectacular choreography, they are considered by many to be greatest dance team not only of the era, but of all time.

    Growing up in Philadelphia , Fayard and Harold were the sons of vaudevillian musicians-- a pianist mother and drummer father who led their own band working the circuit. In , when Harold was 11 years of age and Fayard 18, they became the featured act at Harlem's legendary Cotton Club.

    That same year they shot their first film, a short subject musical called Pie, Pie, Blackbird. Two years later in a packed Cotton Club, Fayard and Harold reigned supreme in the legendary dance-off against the other leading tap dancing family of the day, the Berry Brothers. By some accounts the Berry Brothers trio showed perhaps more bravado, but the Nicholas Brothers brought down the house with sheer finesse and artistry. Shortly thereafter, Fayard and Harold found themselves in Hollywood starring in a series of short subject films and guesting in several big budget musicals, like Down Argentine Way and Tin Pan Alley.

    In the Nicholas Brothers filmed what Fred Astaire has called the greatest dance sequence ever put to celluloid. The routine included Harold and Fayard hopping from table to table and over music stands, bounding between musicians in the orchestra and finally leap-frogging over each other down a flight of stairs, landing a complete split each time. In The Nicholas brothers gave a royal command performance for the King of England at the London Palladium and over the years they danced for nine different Presidents.

    Retrospectives of the Nicholas Brothers' work in film include a special presentation at the Academy Awards and a Kennedy Center Honors in They were awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Harvard University where they taught master classes in tap dance as teachers-in-residence. The Nicholas Brothers were also recipients of the Samuel H. They were invited to give a talk about their careers and incredible lives. Both of them still looked pretty damned fit, but unfortunately neither danced. I wanted to ask a question about life with Dorothy Dandridge, but I figured the conversation might take a gloomy turn, so I just kept my mouth shut; I suspect it might have been the right decision.

    Her life ended prematurely and tragically. Somewhere in my pile of papers I still have the program signed by both brothers. Harold died July 3, of a heart attack following minor surgery. Fayard died January 24, of pneumonia -- a complication from a stroke.

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    7. Quick and Easy New Dog Owners Guide!

    Posted by Amoebite , February 26, Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya! It's carnival time again! Mardi Gras is always a wonderful time at the old Amoeba, but this year the festivities were truly "marmalade! I saw a guy stumbling down Cahuenga covered in beads two days later If you were there, we love you; if you weren't, we wanna see you next year! As usual, it snuck up on us again Preparations kicked into high gear! We decorated the store in purple, gold and green, and then we redecorated it, and then we decorated it so much it was ridiculous.

    Posted by Billyjam , February 26, As outlined by the organizers, freedom of speech doesn't necessarily mean that we are completely free to actually say or print anything that we wish. Tonight's discussion, which is free, will be moderated by V. Tonight what exactly it is that can and cannot be said will be discussed and analyzed. Further, the panel will examine if what we aren't allowed to say should be said or not, and if so, who should determine these things.

    On this same topic, a few days ago I finally got to the wonderfully revealing Kirby Dick directed investigative documentary on the US film rating system This Film Is Not Yet Rated avail on DVD at Amoeba which opened up my eyes to some of the ridiculous grey-area forms of censorship that take place just within film rating. Earlier today I asked one of tonight's panelists, Jesse Townley, who was profiled in a recent Amoeblog , what specifics might be addressed this evening by himself and other panelists: I think there will be Vale will keep it moving and interesting, no doubt about it.

    Posted by phil blankenship , February 26, Pylon live at Hurrah Bewley had been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack while driving in Athens on Monday when the van he was driving drifted off the road and tipped over, according to bandmate vocalist Vanessa Hay in an email message sent out to fan s of the band. Fat Tuesday at Amoeba San Francisco. Not a Mardi Gras goes by uncelebrated at Amoeba Music SF, where locals of all ages gather to party, parade and laissez les bons temps rouler!

    Mardi Gras always seems to land on one of those crisp yet gloriously sunny days between the usual February rains that distinguish the "Northern California winter months" from the rest of the year and this year was, thankfully, no different from those of the past in spite of the conflicting, wet-blanket weather predictions. Not that a little rain would have made that much of a difference, I imagine. Seeing the amount of enthusiasm that swells the celebratory cup to the point of overflowing during Amoeba's Mardi Gras party each year is but one joy of many shared by both those who came to join the fun and those who find themselves suddenly caught in the revelry.

    For all the soulful sounds, sizzling rhythms, sugar and spices, sequins and feathers, and the traffic-stopping dance moves of DJ Shona's Dad a kindred spirit and the general gaiety, it cannot be said that Amoeba Music SF doesn't do Fat Tuesday any which way but vraiment bien. Posted by Billyjam , February 25, And the art show is free too! Posted by Smiles Davis , February 25, My ipod, bless its heart, is always on shuffle. Today I noticed a forming pattern. The female artists on my ipod for the most part are from foreign countries, and the majority of them hail from European countries.

    My point is this, um, err, oh yes: Are you familiar with Annie? No, not the freckle faced, red head with pigtails from our favorite childhood sing-a-long, I mean, musical. Did she have pig tales? If you haven't familiarized yourself with Norwegian electro pop singer Annie, you should. Her sound is like early Madonna doped up on bubble gum and pixie stix. Yes, that means dance music. Well, they all come from Bergen, Norway, anyway. It is a modern day dance till it hurts kind of song, complete with all the trimmings to make you move your feet till you get a cramp in your big toe.

    The second single, "My Love is Better," features this one guy from this one band Alex K ap ran os of Franz Ferdinand. Kind of a big deal. They just performed a packed show at Amoeba Hollywood , though without Annie. Anyway, he plays the guitar on this track, another track called "Loco," and in general for that band I mentioned. They won some awards or something.